ROSE creates engaging, sensitive and precise work.

ROSE lives in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

ROSE specializes in PR, book publications and proofreading.

ROSE dislikes people referring to themselves in the third person.



Perhaps that was too brief of an introduction. Let’s try again.

ROSE Design & Communication specializes in overall communication and design. In practice, this means that I help clients in strategising and writing their content, and then also execute this in design.

To me, this combination of PR, writing & design is vital to creating one cohesive image for the organisations I work for. These activities extend to marketing, establishing media partnerships, coordinating and designing book publications, events, conferences, website and social media maintenance, creating brochures and proofreading as well. Although I mostly work with creative and cultural institutions, I also often deliver work for academic and corporate clients.

The work I make is precise, content-based and sensitive. I believe in confident and tactful design that matches these ideals. Should you like to start a conversation about working together, please get in touch.