Who we are

Let’s create some beauty— there are enough ugly websites, books, logos, flyers and spelling errors in the world already.


At ROSE design & communication, we help our clients visualise their incredible content. And sometimes, we help them create or update their content.


The work we make is precise, content-based and sensitive. We believe in confident and tactful design that matches these ideals. Should you like to start a conversation about working together, please get in touch.

What we do

ROSE Design & Communication specializes in branding. In practice, this means that we help clients strategise and write their content, execute this in design, and make sure they’re seen.

To us, this combination is vital to creating a single cohesive brand for the organisations we work for. These activities extend to marketing, establishing media partnerships, coordinating and designing book publications, events, conferences, website and social media maintenance, creating brochures and proofreading as well.


Brand strategy

Creating a brand strategy essentially means creating a captivating personality for your brand. It defines everything that you as a brand stand for; who are you, and what you want others to see? Starting with a strong idea and a bold visual form, ROSE can help you develop a deep and meaningful connection between you and your clients.



Working from this brand strategy, we can start to create stunning visuals to match your identity. ROSE creates content and design for print, social media, and helps you through the publication process.



You want your organisation to be seen. We can help. By developing and carrying out a solid marketing plan, we can optimise any budget for maximum exposure.

Deep at the heart of ROSE lies a bibliophile. We love the touch of paper, the smell of fresh ink, proper typography and the pull of perfect binding. So how can we help you?



So you’ve written a novel. A thesis. Created an artist’s portfolio. Found incredible photos for a family album. It’s all right there. Now what?

There’s a lot to consider. What kind of publication feels right for this subject? Which font families are legible, relevant and ‘you’? What size? Which amount? Glossy or matte? What does paper type, quality and thickness add to a book? Offset or digital printing? These are the basic questions to ask yourself — but only the very first in the maze of a publication process. ROSE helps you get from concept to paper.


Brochures, posters & print

Print advertising has never ceased to be relevant. Whether you would like to see a poster, brochure or flyer designed: ROSE helps with your images, text, design, production, and distribution.

ROSE offers proofreading and translation services in British English and Dutch.


Whether you are a student writing in a non-native language, a business in need of fine-tuning, or an artist looking for a little extra help finding the right words — we can help you. We proofread and translate essays, commercial texts, personal statements, and more.


ROSE uses a two-proofreader system, allowing for every single document to be read by two skilled editors.

When it comes to digital marketing, ROSE offers two services:



Search engine optimisation —and the accompanying search engine marketing— is a vital tool in your digital marketing. When done properly, SEO & SEM provides you with more relevant visitors to your website.

At the websites that ROSE manages, visits have gone up by an average of 60%. And more importantly, these website visitors stayed on those websites for a significant amount of time. This is because we improve the content, keywords, and advertise to the relevant audience — we don’t believe in clickbait, nor should anyone.

ROSE design & communication is certified by Google in Digital Marketing, Google Search, Google Ads and Google Analytics.


Social media

Hate it or love it — social media is a vital part of any marketing campaign.

Hate it? ROSE will help you develop a low-maintenance strategy that is relevant to your organisation. We can set up and maintain your profiles for you (with results with up to 68% more engagement!), or help you structure and plan your own social media content.

Love it? So do we! Social media has developed tremendously in the past year, and we can help you reach the correct audiences with the right content. We can help you structure your advertising, set up optimisation tools, get dirty in the analytics, or help you create content through photography & video. As we mentioned above, we have helped drive up engagement up to a 68% increase!


Online display marketing…

…is something that ROSE doesn’t offer as a service. We don’t believe in deep-tracking marketing cookies, pop-ups and follow-ups. But no judgement! If this is something you’d like to learn about or engage in, we highly recommend the following free online software:


Basics of display marketing

Easy tool to manage your display marketing

Your website is the face of your organisation. Whether you use it as a business card, portfolio or online shop, it is vital to make a good first impression. ROSE can help you develop, update, or build your website from the ground up.

After your website is finished, we can help you maintain it, or teach you how to do it yourself with a complimentary workshop.

Who we work with

These are some of the clients with whom we had the pleasure of working. Would you like to be next? Get in touch.