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The Bloemkapel (Flower Chapel) was a project under the wing of the We Make The City Festival 2018, as an installation inside the Oosterkerk Amsterdam. An installation piece inside this monumental church, the Bloemkapel was meant as a place of spiritual dialogue, literature and reflection between those without necessarily religious beliefs.

It also included a spiritual city tour in which participants experienced ‘slow tourism’, based on content and real interaction between visitor and host. A full description and review of this project can be found here (in Dutch).

ROSE Design was asked to contribute as a food designer to create the tablescape in the centre of the church. This table would be the focus point for visitors to sit, eat and discuss, also as the finale of the city tours. The design was done to resonate with the architecture of the church itself as well as the extensive flower installation. The theme for both the table and foods centred on black and white: good and evil, right and wrong, yin and yang, male and female, day and night – as a point for debate and interpretation of spirituality and religion.