Together is a site-specific performance installation project. Originally conceived for the Barnstaple Theatrefest and as a graduation project for the rMA Artistic Research from the University of Amsterdam, it is the result of personal interest and extensive research. It was later also developed and performed for the Prague Fringe Festival.

In its most basic form, Together works as an audio tour for four persons. Each participant is given a different audio tour, based on a ‘role’ they choose to play. For instance, they can choose the path of the Explorer or the Observer, each leading to a completely different route and content through the city. After these four individual adventures, all four paths come together at a central point where food and drink are shared.

In its essence, Together is conceived to draw participants out of their habits and view and experience the city in a different way. By using audio combined with sight, physical interaction, hidden elements inside the city, smell and touch, the experience is an exploration of participatory theatre and immersive audio.

Below is a selection of images of the performance making in Prague. Both the performances in Prague and Barnstaple were documented by the audience itself: by giving them disposable cameras and asking them to document the performance but mostly the city itself.

The main promotional image was made by using champagne bottles and an old map of South-West England. It was made to reflect the dreamlike experience, and give a hint to the surprise of the communal table at the end of the performance.

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To see the Prague documentation, please click here.
A review of the Prague performance can be read here.

This solo-project was conceived when part of the performance collective Almost Human, yet an individual production. The Barnstaple production was an official UvA graduation project, the Prague production was an individual work in collaboration with Maja Wisla-Szopinska. It was executed with the help of Elena Finck and Gina Hakkert.