Published June 5th, 2016.


A Prague idyll.  That is what I experienced yesterday by participating in “Together”, Almost Human’s personalized tour of Mala Strana.  Each performance involves only four participants – the explorer, the observer, the lover and the dreamer – who are given a headset which provides the instructions for their individualized tour.  I was the lover and was accompanied by a lovely young woman while a love letter was read over the headphones.  We wandered through parts of the city I know quite well but this was a completely novel experience.  Having a soundtrack removed me from my surroundings but refocussed my vision, my senses.  It was beautifully romantic, dreamlike.  Almost Human has consistently brought highly innovative productions to the Prague Fringe, moving beyond traditional drama while supported by technology.  This year’s “Together” is audacious, enthralling, challenging and delightful.